The new council for the Town of Morris is getting to work following the October municipal election. The group held its inaugural meeting last week Thursday. 

Mayor Scott Crick says their focus for the next term is essentially an extension of Council's priorities over the last four years.

"We were very successful in building the industrial park, now the next step is to get a higher level of tenancy in it. We've been very successful in having housing development in town, now the next step is to work on the new get the plan through and have the subdivision done and things like that," he explained. "We've started, and kudos to Deputy Mayor Chris Hamblin on this, we've got some great traction on an assisted living facility. Now, how do we turn this thing from a concept or an idea into shovels in the ground?"

Additionally, Crick says Council will continue working with the Morris Early Childhood Learning Centre and look for opportunities to get a capital facility built, securing their future in the community.

"I think most people understand that having good quality, affordable childcare within a rural community is essential for building a business community," he noted. 

Meantime, the latest edition of Morris Town Council consists of four incumbents: Trevor Thiessen, Chris Hamblin, Mel Baxter and Tim Lewis. Two new members, David Funk and Taylor Braun, fill the remaining two seats. 

Crick feels the number of returning and new councillors provide a balance of continuity and new perspectives. 

"One of the most important things for anybody that wants to come serve in municipal politics is, first of all, they're there for the right reasons, which is that they care about their community and want to serve it," he said. "From my four returning incumbents, they've demonstrated that over and over again. And from our two new councillors, they've demonstrated it in their lives outside of Council."

Thursday's inaugural meeting also provided an opportunity to designate a Deputy Mayor for the community. 

Crick explained, Chris Hamblin, who has served in the role for the last four years, will resume the duties for the next two years. 

"I'm very excited to have Chris there," he said. "She speaks her mind, she is confident in her abilities and talents she brings to Council, and she's been a great partner for me, especially when there's things that I can't attend or other occasions where we need Town representation. She's been an excellent representative of Town and I'm very happy to have her back."