Over 500 athletes representing every school in the zone competed in the Zone 4 High School Track & Field Championship Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday at Garden Valley Collegiate in Winkler.

"We definitely gave everybody the weather extremes," noted Northlands Parkway Collegiate's Pat Alexander who is the long-time convenor for the Zone 4 meet. "From a beautiful sunny day to pouring rain with lightning and then the second day was hotter than hot. Hopefully everybody made out okay. I thought the athletes did a great job performing. It was nice to see that many bodies out especially the second day with it being nice out. There seemed to be a lot of happiness, smiles, etcetera, so that was good to see."

It's a massive undertaking to put on a successful championship meet and Alexander said they wouldn't be able to pull it off without help from every school in Zone 4.

"This meet is just too big for one school or one group to run it on its own. Everyone in the zone, all 17 schools, they all have a different job and thankfully everyone remembered to show up and executed things the way we need it done so that we could get through the day. There were little bits of delays here and there. When you only run a meet once a year you forget certain things so sometimes that added a little bit of a delay. Perfomances were awesome. The top three athletes in each event advance to Provincials in Brandon and anyone who achieved the MHSAA standard would also advance. I think we're going to have a pretty good contingent moving forward."

"This was awesome," added Alexander. "Just seeing all the bodies out and smiles on all the faces of the kids. Some of our events were huge, for example our JV girls long jump there were 50 competitors. That in itself shows the eagerness of everyone to get involved and do things. That was exciting and I'm sure it was from the schools they represented- just to have people back and keen and eager to do things and just enjoying sport."

The 2023 Provincial High School Track & Field Championships will take place June 8th, 9th & 10th in Brandon. 

Elm Creek, Carman, Northlands Parkway and Portage Collegiate finished first in the A, AA, AAA & AAAA Aggregate Points Team Rankings.

Northlands Parkway finished first in the Junior Varsity & Varsity Girls Division Points Rankings.

Miller finished first in the Junior Varsity Boys & Garden Valley was first in the Varsity Boys Points Rankings.

Zone 4 High School Track & Field Championship results