Trustees for the Garden Valley School Division (GVSD) have a new Mission Statement they will use to help guide future decision making. 

Board chair, Leah Klassen, explained this is the result of a review of the Division's Mission and Belief statements the group embarked on following the October election. 

"This something that, as a new Board, we were able to collaborate with together, and it's a really good step forward," she said. 

"It was a great experience to really delve into what we believe Garden Valley School Division should represent, and I think these are reflective of the trustees coming together with some really good thoughts," added Klassen. 

Trustees drew from feedback gleaned during consultations with advisory councils, students, principals, and the Garden Valley Teacher's Association (GVTA). 

The new Mission Statement reads as follows:

Creating an environment where everyone is inspired to reach their full potential as learners and citizens.

"We want everybody to feel inspired in the education system, and we thought that this was a really nice way to say that", explained Klassen. "We want everybody in the education system; students, staff and trustees to reach their full potentials because we are always learning."

Written with files from Pam Fedack