Volunteers working on the rafters of what's soon to be the new United Church in Roland



A new United Church is being built in the town of Roland. The structure is going up quite quickly, and the labour is being provided by volunteers. Darryl Mullin is the chairman overseeing the $383,000 project, and says they are currently 4 or 5 days ahead of schedule.

Volunteers with building experience have travelled to Roland from B.C., Barrie, and Marathon, Ontario. Mullin says the building is now enclosed so if it rains they can continue working indoors. There have been some long, full days, but Mullen says they always have great food for two coffee breaks, lunch and supper.

Some of the concerns surrounding the loss the old United Church were the stained glass windows created by Leo Mol. Mullin says they had to go to the new location, and are currently being reframed. The goal is to hold their congregation's Thanksgiving service in the new church, and Mullen adds for that to happen they could use more help.

He notes the closer we get to August 1st in a farming community the harder it will be for some volunteers to contribute. If you can help on the construction site, want to make some food, or could provide evening entertainment call 343-2010 or email rolandc@mts.net.




~ Thursday, July 22nd 2010 ~