The Northpoint Park splash pad in Winkler is beginning it’s 4th season of cooling down the community in the north end of Winkler. 

This week's heatwave has caused a surge of visitors, including mother Rebecca Wiebe who told us that she was there to cool off with her sister and their children. 

“We have no AC at home right now. It's supposed to get fixed tomorrow”, she laughed, “And yeah, the kids just needed a place to come and cool off and [my sister and I] like hanging out together. So, we do this quite often.” 

Wiebe’s sister, Serena Bergen, says they love the park. 

“[The kids] love it here. We could spend hours here. They love the water, they love going back and forth from the playground to the splash pad, and they love the open area. It's always it's always a highlight.” 

Running through the sprinklers with her two-year-old son, Laura Dyck says that they keep coming back. 

“The water, the splashing, all the fun for the little ones... [my son] is having so much fun. There are so many other little kids here too to play with and splash with, and there are so many different little water fountains. There are so many options for fun.” 

plash pad LauraLaura Dyck enjoys cooling of with her son on a hot day.

On the other side of the splash pad, Winnie Fehr eats snacks with her grandson, Micah. 

"It's a very hot day. So, we are at the splash park here in Winkler. It's great. He loves the water.”  

The splash pad includes 13 features and a soft surface for children to run on. There is also a nearby washroom, gazebo, and a play structure. A button controls the start of the water, as the splash pad runs on a timer, which adds to the fun for the children. 

Located at the corner of Northpoint Trail and Platinum Road in Winkler, operating hours are 9 am to 10 pm daily. 

splash pad WinnieWinnie Fehr with grandson, Micah.