Rain over the past week has put harvest on hold for many farmers in Southern Manitoba.

Rachel Neumann farms in the Emerson area and says they had about three inches of rain during the system that rolled through the region over the weekend.

"Harvest has been progressing slowly," she said. "We've got a decent majority of our wheat off and about half of our oats crop off and unfortunately now our oats that's still out there is sitting in a swath and has got the three inches of rain on it."

Neumann notes the quality of the oats may be impacted by the moisture.

She says the wheat crop that's been harvested has been looking good.

"The wheat did well. We had two different varieties, one did better than the other, but overall we're fairly happy with how the wheat crop is coming along."

Canola is another crop still waiting to come off.

"That is still all out in field," she said. "We'll hopefully get to it after the cereals are off. That is all still standing. Some of it barely standing. A few weeks ago, I think we got an inch and a half or more in about 2.5 hours. Then it went pretty flat and has unfortunately stayed that way."

Neumann says their harvest is about three to four weeks behind a normal year.

"Usually by this time of the year you're just waiting on soybeans, but now they're changing colour and starting to drop leaves. There's still a lot of harvest to do before we get to them."

She adds soybeans could be impacted if we see a late September frost.

Manitoba Agriculture says total harvest progress sits at 40% complete across the province, approximately 3 weeks behind the 5-year average of 71% complete by Week 38.