A widespread, extended boil water advisory starts Monday, September 11th for several area municipalities and rural water co-ops within the Pembina Valley Water Co-op's (PVWC) service area.
The order is required due to work happening at the PVWC'S Letellier treatment plant and will see lines cut and become depressurized. 
Affected areas are:

RM of Montcalm

Town of Altona

Altona Rural Water Coop

Halbstadt Marais Water Coop

Roseau River Anishinaabe First Nation

RM of Stanley (portion)

Municipality of Rhineland

Municipality of Emerson Franklin

Blumengart Colony
Residents were encouraged to stock up on potable water for consumption prior to today.
The work is expected to take between 5 and 7 days to complete, including 3-4 days for the necessary testing/sampling that needs to happen before the boil water advisory can be rescinded.
PembinaValleyOnline is working closely with the PVWC, and will communicate when the order is lifted. 

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