A recast vision for recreation is taking shape in the town of Morris. Volunteers gathered at Willow Park on Tuesday morning to break ground on the highly anticipated project that's been two years in the making. 

"It was an exciting morning," said Melissa Lamotte, a member of the local group that's behind the effort to turn the park into a central place in the community where people of all ages and abilities can come together and be active and have fun. "It was nice to see the playground equipment delivered and come out of the semi, and everyone on site ready to go - ready to install."

Measuring about 13,000 square feet, the playground will be one of the largest in Manitoba, according to Lamotte. It includes separate play structures in the 2 to 5 and 5 to 12 age ranges, along with various swings and many accessibility features. There will also be a full ninja course featuring two zip lines, one with an accessible base. Additional features include an overhead ladder, A-frame cargo net, a peg bridge, a ledge hanger and fitness bars and benches.

Willow ParkThere will also be a full ninja course. 

"We're really really excited," said Lamotte, adding the equipment is being installed by members of the Willow Park Committee. "Hopefully we'll have it ready to go and open for the public by June 2nd."

Lamotte pointed out, nearly the entire cost of the $375,000 project has been supported by private and corporate donations totalling about $325,000. The remainder has been covered by a $50,000 Building Sustainable Communities grant from the Province.