Winkler Aquatic Centre Programmer, Brooke Thiessen says they're fortunate to have a well-rounded team of staff covering the needs around the facility this summer. She says they have some new lifeguards training, and they're also fortunate to have a lot of their old staff back.
During the swimming season, Thiessen says the lifeguards get to know kids who come to the pool regularly, and it's great to see those connections made every year. "We do get to know quite a few kids who come to the pool often. It's great to see the lifeguards interacting with the kids and, getting to know their names and just some things about them. It's really great to see."
Thiessen said the kids tend to listen better when there's a relationship formed, which keeps everyone safer.

"We love having people that are new to this area come to the pool, we see that a lot, especially on the weekends when we have a lot of campers in the campground," added Thiessen.

"They come from all over, and some come here every summer to enjoy our facility, the campgrounds, and our aquatic centre. And for some of them, it's their first time being here, so it's great. Usually, people enjoy it, and we try our best so everyone has fun and everyone stays safe while doing it."

The weather on most days during the first two weeks of the summer season has not been ideal for most swimmers. Thiessen says that's resulted in a slower start, however, it's also been good for training new staff.

"Our lifeguards have had a little bit of a slow start this year, but I think they've really gotten the hang of things, so we're patiently waiting on warmer weather where we can have a lot more swimmers come and enjoy the pool."

Thiessen says when that happens, their lifeguards will be ready and well-equipped.