A small group of individuals were recently recognized by the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) Manitoba. 

A gala event was held Tuesday in Winnipeg to award the recipients. The HR Excellence awards event showcases finalists in five Professional Excellence award categories, as well as honours two Fellow CPHR recipients.

The Visionary Award recognizes executives who endorse, support, or champion the HR function within the organization, and is intended for people outside of the field of HR. 

This year's honour was given to Kim Nelson, CEO of Gateway Resources in Winkler. 

"I truly love the work I do at Gateway Resources," said Nelson. "And the people that surround me, and the board of directors and the direct support professionals really deserve all of the credit for this award. It's really Gateway that deserves the award, however I was the lucky one that received it..."

Nelson has worked at Gateway Resources for 18 years, and she says it's a place she feels truly privileged to work for and be a part of. 

The following written message was included as a part of Nelson's nomination for the Visionary award.

"Kim Nelson has been with Gateway Resources for approximately 18 years. She has developed through Gateway Resources and brought her leadership style and energy to her current role as CEO. 

In the past three years, Kim has actively led the organization through multiple changes, growth and development. The team has grown by approximately 18% in the past three years and is an employer of choice. Kim manages the relationship between various teams and the Board of Directors. Kim has been proactive in promoting the organization in the community, encouraging diversity, mentoring her executive team and taking an active role in changing the focus from just hiring people to hiring great people with potential. She participates in and promotes continuous learning. In the past year, she has taken the executive and coordinators team through Crucial Conversations which has been a six month learning process. Kim was also instrumental in supporting the drive to have DISC learning provided to all managers to enhance their understanding of their own management styles. Gateway is known in the community as a leader and despite the challenges the past two years has brought to the organization, she has helped steer the course with support for everyone. This has included working with HR on ways to support team members who are experiencing increased stress, anxiety and other mental health challenges. Her primary focus with employees and  HR efforts is that the team members feel valued and respected."

"It was overwhelming and a great honour to hear and read the things that were written about me in order to be selected for this award...It was an amazing experience," said Nelson.