Winkler Co-op has officially taken over operations of the Co-op in Rosenort.
Discussions between the two operations began earlier this year about the potential of amalgamating. At that point, Winkler Co-op General Manager Evan Toews said it became very clear Rosenort was interested in selling all of their assets, and Winkler was interested in purchasing them.
Rosenort members held a vote on whether they wished to merge with Winkler, and Toews said they voted overwhelmingly to do so.
Ahead of the grocery store opening on November 1st under the Winkler Co-op banner, Toews said they were busy getting the store in great shape and well stocked. He said they have also expanded the offerings there for customers and re-opened the carlock under the co-op name.

"On the same site as the grocery store, there is a card lock. so we've converted that card lock back to a Co-op card lock," said Toews. "So all of the Members that have a Co-op card lock, or anybody who has a Co-op card, it will work at that site. So it's automatically plugged into a much larger network of fuel dispensers." Toews said they're looking forward to some added sales, as well as a lot of investment locally into that community over the next number of years. 

As far as the Winkler members, Toews said the acquisition is something that will allow any Winkler Member to shop there with their membership number, or to get fuel there if they have to be passing through. He added it will also allow  Winkler Co-op some scalable benefits, as they will be purchasing and selling more fuel and more products through Federated, both resulting in longevity and sustainability for both communities and both Co-ops.

Toews said the support Winkler Co-op has received from members in Rosenort and  St. Joseph has been fantastic and is something the Board does not take lightly.
In separate votes, members of Winkler and St. Joseph Co-ops recently agreed to merge as well. Toews said Winkler Co-op looks forward to serving both communities for many years and generations to come.

- With files from Robyn Wiebe -

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