The Winkler Community Foundation is supporting the aspirations of forty-six students by awarding $97,000 through the 2022 Gordon Wiebe Education Awards. 

In a news release announcing this year's winners, the organization says recipients have been selected based on their contributions to the community, capacity for leadership, and academic achievement. 

These students are studying at thirteen different post-secondary institutions across Canada and are pursuing a broad array of degrees. 

One of the recipients, Amy Lloyd, says the award has been an invaluable contribution to her education.

"I have used it towards both tuition and books. Since it can be renewed, it provides recipients with an incentive to continue our studies and maintain good academic standing."

The foundation awarded its first Kaitlyn Marie Reimer Scholarship – a one time award – to Garden Valley Collegiate graduate Kristin Buhler for demonstrating ambition in her life.

The Peer-to-Peer program continued this year with twelve participants. This program aims to ease the transition to university for first year post-secondary students by connecting them with returning students. 

The goal of the program is to equip scholarship recipients with both the funds to cover tuition costs and practical resources to be successful in their academic pursuits.