Winkler's Recreation and Tourism committee hopes to address the need for more ice rinks in the city.

"We want more ice," Winkler Mayor Martin Harder says.

The upcoming Meridian Exhibition Centre would eventually add a second arena, though Harder says they're still waiting on a funding announcement from the federal and provincial governments.

City council was originally looking at adding a second indoor ice rink in 1981, though the project fell off the table at that time.

"We do not want this to fall off the table, this is a priority," Harder says, adding funding partnerships are key.

Traditionally municipalities split project costs 30/30/30 with the province and the feds.

AMM is lobbying for a 40/40/20 model for some projects.

Harder says the switch in funding on a project like the Waste Water Treatment Plant would mean the difference of an added $500,000 payment per year.

The Winkler Minor Hockey Association is expected to make a presentation to council on January 9, to share on the current ice shortage.

The group has 16 teams which receive 21 hours of ice time per week. Even with additional ice time in Plum Coulee, Miami and Roland they say their needs are not met.

Also vying for ice time are the Winkler Flyers (MJHL), Winkler Royals (SEMHL), high school hockey teams, Winkler Skating Club and more.

In the meantime, the recreation committee has suggested enhancing outdoor rinks, as well as purchasing an additional zamboni to help with maintenance.