Winkler's new ladder truck in action at last week's apartment fire in Morden.




The apartment fire in Morden last Friday was one of the largest Morden has seen in several years. It was because of this size Winkler Fire Department was called in to help the Morden department get the fire under control.
Winkler Fire Chief Garry Klassen says the Morden department positioned the Winkler department and their new ladder truck on the south side of the building while they dealt with the north side and evacuating tenants. He notes this was the first fire the new Winkler ladder truck was involved in and says it performed very well. He says the performance of fire equipment is measured in gallons per minute versus BTU's. The men using the truck says the gallons per minute had no problem getting this fire under control.
Klassen says they were very happy to be able to help the Morden Fire Department get the fire under control. He notes it's very important in smaller cities and towns like Winkler and Morden to have the option of mutual aid because otherwise there would simply not be enough man power to put out a blaze of this size.

Klassen notes fires like these can be an adrenalin rush for the people involved but it can also be very difficult.





Flames broke through roof of the apartments in last week's fire making the presence of Winkler's ladder truck invaluable.

Pictures courtesy of Winkler Fire Department.





- Thursday, May 27, 2010 -