Today, the keys of the Winker/Morden Habitat for Humanity (WMHFH) home in Morden are officially handed over to the recipients Pete and Emily.    

Pete shared what it feels like to start making payments towards this home. 

"For us, this means a place that we can actually call home and put roots down, and we can just work on it as a family together, making things better, expanding, and finishing up the basement. And just building memories with our family in this one place, and not just have memories of moving."  

This home was built through the work of generous contractors and trades business's along with the many business and church groups and volunteers who pitched in to make this dream a reality. 

"It just shows how much the community really does care for the people in it and around it, and just how many people actually came together to help out, and took time away from their busy schedules, and volunteered to help out. It just means so much to us to know that we live in a community where people are willing to do that." 

Pete and Emily will purchase the home for market value with a mortgage.  Part of the agreement involved putting in 500 hours of either sweat equity or community service. Steering Committee Member Christina Falk said this family put more time in with community service, noting it's good for families to be involved in the communities where they will live. 

"This house has been a journey for everyone involved. From beginning to end we've had COVID challenges, we've had weather challenges, we've had many, many challenges. So, it feels good that it's coming to an end now, and we can finally get the family in here."  

Steering Committee Chair Duane Falk shares what's on the horizon for WMHFH. 

"In July, we are hoping to start our next house in Winkler, it will be a single-family house and then right after that in August, we're hoping to start a duplex in Morden. We've been given some generous grants from both the City of Winkler and the City of Morden, as well as other government grants, and other donations that have come in from individuals who've helped us immensely."