The Regional Support Tactical Team was called into action Monday evening in Winkler.

Shortly before 7 pm, Winkler police received a report of an intoxicated man inside his home on Pineview Drive with a loaded handgun and threatening to harm himself. Officers immediately responded to the residence to secure the area. 

Both the Regional Crisis Negotiation Unit and the Regional Support Tactical Team were requested to attend the scene and, while waiting for those support teams to arrive, general patrol members made contact with a family member that had made their way out of the home.  

A short time after, the only remaining family member inside the house also exited and spoke with the police.  

A few minutes later at 7:09 p.m., the intoxicated male exited the residence on his own and was arrested without incident under the Mental health Act.  

The Regional Support Tactical Team arrived on the scene and conducted a search of the residence to ensure it was safe for family members to return.  

Unsecure firearms were located inside the residence and all firearms were seized by police.  

The man was taken for an assessment by a medical doctor and was then released from police custody on an Undertaking with a charge of assault.