Among a number of files opened over the past couple of weeks, Winkler Police officers issued several tickets related to excessive noise from vehicles driving in the community.

On May 20th, a $237 ticket was issued to a person for making unnecessary noise as they slowly drove along Chevy Drive repeatedly revving the vehicle's engine.

May 21st, while monitoring traffic on Main Street, officers noted a driver rapidly speeding up from an intersection. 

The truck's exhaust was excessively loud, and upon seeing the police, the driver of the truck slowed down. 

Officers conducted a traffic stop, noted there was no muffler, and ultimately issued a ticket for failing to have proper equipment which carries a $174 fine.

And on May 22nd, also on Main Street, police noted a vehicle rapidly increase in speed from an intersection with an extremely loud exhaust.

The driver drove around the block, and again rapidly increased in speed from an intersection.

The driver was stopped and issued a ticket for driving imprudently.