The 2024 budget presented by Winkler City Council last Tuesday allows them to get a lot of things done while still planning for the future.

"The three really big projects that we're working on, water treatment plant, wastewater, Winkler Centennial Arena renovation, those are projects that we've been talking about for quite a while. We also have a significant expenditure to finish our Clover Creek Industrial Park, which will involve pushing Icon Drive through to Hwy. 14," said Mayor Henry Siemens. 

A major street project initially slated to get done last year in Winkler, is set to happen this year. Siemens says money has been earmarked to redo the section of North Railway Street between Main Street and Highway 32.
"That was a project that we did have in 2023's plan. Unfortunately, the numbers came back completely unaffordable for us at that time. A year later and some different planning later, we're able to make that project work. It's a project that we've needed for quite some time. Anybody who has driven that road knows it structurally failed long ago. It desperately needed to be done."

Siemens said they also prioritized setting aside funds to launch the first phase of public transportation. He said it will likely be a subsidized ride-share program to start.

"We will launch this year, and that launch will lead us to get to the information that we need that will help us figure out what that next step will be on that transit continuum."

On March 26th, the Council presented an operating budget of $29,2 million for the City of Winkler.
Just under $9 million was put aside in the City's budget for transportation and drainage, equipment, and the completion of the Clover Creek Industrial Park.