The City of Winkler has set its water rate for the upcoming year, newly amending its pass-through rate by-law. 

Winkler's Director of Corporate Services, David Martens, says it's something city council does each January. The By-law ensures any changes from the Pembina Valley Water Co-op (PVWC) are combined with Winkler's established rate.

The City of Winkler receives roughly 35 percent of its water each year from PVWC.

PVWC had a rate increase of $1.17/1000 gallons, effective January 1, 2024. This rate increase reflects a "pass-through" rate increase of $0.41/1000 gallons for Winkler consumers since the City purchases approximately 35% of its water from PVWC.

"This rate increase also incorporates our rate increase," said Martens. "In June of 2023, our Council also passed a utility rate increase for the City of Winkler...The first increase was in June of 2023, the second one was now in January 2024, and there's one more coming in January 2025. It was a multi-year increase for the City of Winkler as well, and that was mainly because we have large projects on the horizon, including the water and the wastewater treatment facility." 

Martens notes the PVWC goes through the Public Utilities Board when they apply for a rate increase. Later on, when the PVWC sells the water to the City of Winkler and other surrounding municipalities, the municipalities have to add it to their by-laws as a "pass-through" rate.   

The City of Winkler rates changed as follows: 


 Commodity rates per 1,000 Imperial Gallons              Water                                 Sewer                                 Water & Sewer 


Effective July 2023: 

              All water consumption                                    $10.21                                 $6.59                                 $16.80 


Effective January 2024: 

              All water consumption                                   $8.35                                    $8.42                                  $16.77 


Effective January 2025: 

                All water consumption                                 $8.55                                    $9.25                                    $17.80 


Both combined, the utility rate increase will be $0.38/1000 gallons effective for the March 15, 2024, quarterly billing in the City of Winkler. That is from the present water rate of $10.21/1000 gallons to $8.76/1000 gallons and the sewer rate from $6.59/1000 gallons to $8.42/1000 gallons.