According to the Manitoba RCMP social media page, a Winkler youth was arrested and issued 6 tickets under the Highway Traffic Act following a high-speed joyride on Highway 23 near Morris. 

On July 15, shortly after 9 pm, an RCMP officer in the eastbound lane of Highway 23 noticed a westbound car speeding in the westbound lane, going 185 KM/HR. As the officer drove onto the shoulder to turn around, the vehicle sped past the police vehicle, clocked at 211 km/hr. 

The vehicle slowed down to enter the Town of Morris, but it sped up when it saw the police with their emergency lights activated. The flight from police was short-lived.  As he tried to turn onto HWY 75, his car hit a curb damaging the front passenger wheel.  The young driver attempted to drive further, only going a short distance before stopping for RCMP. 

Police discovered the fifteen-year-old male from Winkler did not have a driver's license and arrested him. The 6 tickets issued to the underage driver totalled over $3600 and the vehicle was seized and towed from the scene. 

RCMP were relieved there were no injuries as the result of this incident noting, that it could have been very different or very tragic. They remind the public to slow down, stating, "Driving isn't a game, it's real life and can have very real consequences."