The Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba (CHFM) named a new Manitoba Champion Child (MCC) Friday at Winkler's Centennial Arena. 

Winkler's Pacey Wall has had over 30 surgeries due to intestinal failure. He shared what being sick has taught him in life. 

"Well, I've learned sometimes you can go through tough stuff, and then when you go through that, you just have to try to be brave, so you can get through it." 

A large showing of support came out for the special announcement with family, friends, classmates and the Winkler Flyers donning "Team Pacey" sweaters. 

"When I looked out at the crowd, and I'm like ok, I know most of these people, and it's like I know I'm gonna do something big," Wall said with a giggle. 

Wall will be an ambassador for the organization, complete with a red cape passed along from the former Champion Keira Davlut.  

Pacey was asked what he is looking forward to in his new role. 

"Well, I'm probably most excited to go to Florida, spend time with my mom and dad, and do lots of speaking, and obviously raise money, so maybe Dr. Keijzer can find a cure for me, and other kids like me, one day." 

Wall's three sisters were invited to the stage to hear the news of the family trip to Disneyland, where he will have a working holiday with his family to enjoy time together while he advocates for CHFM. 

Dr. Keijzer, one of Wall's surgeons, was at the event to congratulate him on the special day, teasing him about the pranks he likes to pull when he is in the hospital, sharing a story bringing a laugh from the crowd. 

There wasn't a dry eye in the crowd as people watched the video of Pacey's story of resilience. 


President and CEO Children's Hospital Foundation Stefano Grande described Wall. 

"He is a lion," he said choking up, "I have three boys, and we all understand the importance of having healthy children. It's so good to know when our children need help, we have an incredible hospital, incredible Research Institute, and an incredible community, especially here in Winkler, as we saw today.  They not only come out, and celebrate the health journey of Pacey, but also understand that, as a community, we can do more to help our hospital's excellent technology to help these kids give them that fighting chance to survive, to live longer, you know, to be healthier." 

Grand noted this was one of the largest shows of support for this event. 

"It's a very inspirational day today, just being here in Winkler, at the Community Center, seeing the Flyers, seeing the children, seeing the community come out, and really rally around Pacey and his family. I think it's really special." 

Wall got straight to work letting people know how they can help other kids like him. 

"People should donate to the Children's Hospital, because the more the Children's Hospital receives money, they can find way more cures for people and keep people alive." 

Click here to donate and support Pacey and other kids like him