Brian Fransen has been re-elected as Western School Division's Board Chair. The decision was made final after reorganization at Monday night's Board meeting. Fransen says there is a good group of people around the table and it is good to work with them on a number of different projects.

"We've got some really good staff we're working with and some very good initiatives that are happening in the school division," he explains. "It's really good to be back working with these people and working with these good projects."

Fransen also notes he is looking forward to bringing world class research into the community. "Being the size that we are, we're able to be a lot more nimble than some school divisions and seeing some of that stuff put into place is really good," he explains.

With an election coming up, the board is hoping to complete a number of initiatives on the go in the near future. "We're hoping to wrap up a couple of projects and make sure that we have a good legacy moving forward for the next board coming in," Fransen says. He also notes the division is working specifically on growth and planning this year.