Earlier this week students from a pair of Western School Division classes were able to move into their portable classroom.

Superintendent Stephen Ross says these two portables allow students to move out of libraries and into a permanent class for the school year.

The two new portables are located at Minnewasta School and Maple Leaf School.

"Kids were super excited to spend their first day in their new classroom," says Ross, who's grateful for everyone who made this possible. "Teachers were smiling from ear to ear to have a bigger space to call their own."

Ross says by having their own classroom, students can now be more comfortable and focus on their learning. He adds when your classroom is a library it's hard to showcase any of the student's projects and there isn't a lot of room to do things. He notes having your own space to learn is just like having your own bedroom in your house; a place where you can go and call your own.

With the addition of these two portables, there are a dozen portables throughout WSD.

"It's helping for now and we are appreciative of that for the short term. In the long term, of course, we'd like bigger and better things," Ross says.