Collegiate 411 2016-2017 


Feb 18th Morden Collegiate Institute

Carolina Rangle takes you through this week's show where Ezekiel Fehr brings you the Thunder News, Riley McCallum talks with winner of the Lorran Scholarship Finley Wheeler and Vanessa Wiebe sounds off on Valentines Day in the Buzz!  And what does a long weekend mean to students in Morden?  Maddie Meilun gets us the scoop in What's Your Take?



Feb 11th - Carman Collegiate



Join your host, Blaine Houston, for this week's show from Carman Collegiate!  Jenna and Kim introduce us to Miss Heuring, the new textiles teacher and Ben Peters helps us get to know Mr Sutherland the new Electronics teacher!  Then Jarrod hits the hallways to get What's Your Take? on favorite books that were made into movies!  




Feb 4th - Mennonite Collegiate Institute

gretna feb 07

Gina hosts a great show for you with Codes bringing you the "Bluuues Neewwws" and Taylor makes her radio debut interviewing Mr HM about the upcoming theatre production of Suessical the Musical coming to Buhler Hall in March!  Austin shares his passion for snowmobiling in The Buzz and Bob and Con ask What's Up with Exams in What's Your Take?

Here are some pics taken from Mennonite Collegiate's and Bernie Loeppky's facebook pages to give you a glimpse into how students relieved exam pressures

and some great basketball shots by Bernie against the Roseau Valley Raiders!


Jan 28th - Garden Valley Collegiate in Winkler

Meet the GVC Collegiate 411 Team!



Mack Thiessen is your host for this week's show that focusses primarily on exams!  

Jaxon Wallace lets off some steam about exams in the Buzz and students get their chance in What's Your Take?  Hulda Neufeld brings you Zodiak News and Manuela Priess talks with Mr Fortier the Varsity Boys Basketball Coach about this season!






miammedia   curling

Miami School Curling InSchool Bonspiel from Twitter (@miammedia)


Jan 21st - Miami School


Kezia Swain gives us a tour of Miami School this week!  She brings you the Marlin News, shares thoughts on the Winter Blues in the Buzz, talks with the cast of "Mutually Assured Destruction" - their spring theater presentation and talks with staff and students about how to brighten someone's day on What's Your Take?




Dec 17th - Northlands Parkway Collegiate in Winkler


Jaydee and Celia host your show this week where Rubin brings you the Nighthawk News, Melissa talks with Mr Matthews about how to get great holiday pictures and Mike, Jayden and Kenton give us their Top 10 Christmas Traditions in the Buzz and the students add to the list in What's your Take? with Abram!



December 10th - Morden Collegiate Institute


Ezekiel Fehr returns with Morden to Collegiate 411 this week, as snow storms and cancellations are a plenty! Vanessa Wiebe will bring you updates on Morden Collegiate with the Thunder News, Maddy will assess the recent snow storm and how it effected residents around the community in the Buzz, while Altona, Gretna and Miami are our My School in a Minutes! Plus Emily Wiebe gets an exclusive interview with Student Body President Rylan McCallum to talk about all the activities Student Council has planned for this December! All that and more in this weeks Collegiate 411!




December 3rd - Carman Collegiate


Blaine Huston guides you through Collegiate 411 as Senior Boys AA Provincial Volleyball Championships keep the rest of the school busy! Listen in for volleyball interviews in the Buzz segment, News from Principle Jack Phillips and My School in a Minutes from Miami, GVC and Morden. Plus with the holidays just around the corner, Blaine's asking fellow students and staff what they want for Christmas in What's Your Take? All that and more in this weeks Collegiate 411!




November 28th - Mennonite Collegiate Institute in Gretna


mci gretna 411 podcast pic

Collegiate 411 Nov 19, 2016

 Garden Valley Collegiate in Winkler


Hulda Neufeld and Manuella Price guide us through our final first round of Collegiate 411!  Find out why this kids are REALLY worked up about food choice changes in this week's show in the Buzz with Mack Thiessen and the What's Your Take? Segment "To Vend or not to Vend" - That is the question!  And Jaxon Wallace sits down with Mr Scott Janzen to talk about the upcoming 50th Anniversary of GVC and catch all your Zodiak News with Jaxon too!


For the full interview with Mr Scott Janzen about the upcoming GVC 50th Anniversary History Book and Banquet and Concert Night listen here:



Collegiate 411 Nov 12, 2016

Miami School


Jillian Livingston takes her first turn behind the microphone for Miami School as your host for the show!  Kezia Swain will bring you all the Marlin News and Jillian will talk with Mr Blagdon about the Internship program in the interview.   Find out how the American Election results will affect us here in MB with Jillian's editorial on the Buzz!  Grade 9 "Take Your Kid to Work Day" inspired the What's Your Take question this week when staff and students were asked "What do you want to be when you grow up?"




Collegiate 411 Nov 5, 2016

WC Miller Collegiate in Altona


Kiera Thiessen hosts WC Miller's first show of the year!  Daniella Romero brings you Aces News, Josie Ann talks with Student Council President Tom Wolfe about his plans for the upcoming year, and Josie sounds off on the Buzz about cell phone use - written by Toby.  Hockey season is well underway and staff and students share with us who they are cheering for this year in What's Your Take?





Collegiate 411 Oct 29, 2016

Northlands Parkway Collegiate in Winkler


 Your hosts this morning are Jayden and Kenton touring you through the Nighthawk News from Ruben, an interview with Melissa McCausland with Mr Froese about the School Wide Art Project, The Buzz about the Career Symposium with Celia Wiens and Jaydee Wiebe and find out what teenagers are watching on TV these days on "What's Your Take?"!


Collegiate 411 Oct 22, 2016

Morden Collegiate

Ezekiel Fehr takes his first crack behind the Collegiate 411 mic this show hosting Morden Collegiate's first show of the year!  Vanessa Wiebe brings you  the Thunder News, Carolina talks with Central Manitoba Youth Choir students about their singing experience this year and Mollie Wheeler challenges us to portray high school differently in the Buzz!  What are the kids wanting in their Trick or Treating bags?  Find out in What's Your Take?




Collegiate 411 Oct 15, 2016

Carman Collegiate


Blaine Huston navigates us through this week's show from Carman Collegiate students!  Get the scoop on school happenings in the news with Bryce Pritchard!  Meet Japanese exchange student Manae in her interview with Kim Nicolajsen & Jenna Krahn. And Blaine talks with lastest grade 11 student and singing sensation Faouzia in the Buzz about her trip to Toronto!  Jarrod gets students talking about what costumes they are working on for Hallowe'en in What's Your Take?


For the full interview with Blaine and Faouzia listen here!


Collegiate 411 Oct 8, 2016

Mennonite Collegiate Institute

Gina Peters is your host for the first Collegiate 411 of the year!  Codes brings you the Blues News, Shania gets our mouths watering with her Thanksgiving Buzz and you don't want to miss Austin's heartbreaking kayak mishap story retold in his interview with Aron!  Bob and Con roam the halls to get What's up with Thanksgiving!  It's all right here!                                                                                      


Mr Hoeppner-Mueller makes the Spring Musical Announcement!:


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