Dr. Gordon Neufeld PhD, the author of Hold onto Your Kids, used his over 40 years of experience to write a book on raising kids in a world where technology and information is everywhere.

This weekend, there is going to be a seminar in Morden on "Keeping Children Safe in a Wounding World." In other words, how can we protect the younger generation from becoming desensitized by all the devices and distractions there are these days.


He talks about how kids are losing their true play, he explains what that means here.


When this happens, he goes on to say how we can tell kids are losing their tender feelings.


We like to think that by being in complete control of our emotions at all times, and not showing how we feel, means we're mature and strong. Dr Neufeld contradicts that thought here.


While this seminar is focused on the younger generation, and trying to keep them from becoming desensitized robots, Dr Neufeld says "It's never too late, you can warm up a frozen heart."

This seminar is for anyone who has children, or grandchildren, if you're a nanny, a teacher, anyone who spends time with children can benefit from this. 


Click the link below for the event page on the Eden Foundation website. You will find the link for registration at the bottom of the event page.


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