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April is National Autism Awareness Month and more specifically April 2nd is World Autism Day.  


We are grateful to Michelle Charriere from Morden for sharing her story as a mother of a son living with Autism.  Michelle urges you to Light it up Blue!  Homes and business' who support those living with Autism may shine a blue light or wear blue to show their support on April 2nd - you don't necessarily have to have a family member of someone who is autistic to be a supporter.   Michelle tells us that 1 in 67 people have a form of Autism. Often families or individuals living with autism won't necessarily ask for help but do appreciate it when it comes.  Bringing a family a meal or making that grocery store meltdown less of a spectacle with understanding instead of judgement are just two other ways to show your support during difficult times.


Here is Michelle's story:





Telling others the Diagnosis:


How did you know things were different for your son?




Finding Success with Meltdowns:



autism books to read 2018

Michelle's library of supports


Is there such a thing as routine?


One stategy you might not understand:


Teen years can be challenging - what extra challenges are there with Autism?


the charriere family


The Power of Friendship


Tell us about your son:


How her children shared their story with the community:


The Tough Days:


Advice for those living with Autism:


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