Reverence: Icons and Motorcycles by Michael Boss Legacy: An Exhibition by Anita Kroeger - MHC Gallery - Winnipeg

Friday, Jan 25, 2019 at 7:30 PM

MHC, 600 Shaftesbury Boulevard, south campus of Canadian Mennonite University, Winnipeg

Two new exhibits open at the MHC Gallery on January 25. Michael Boss is a longtime Winnipeg artist. Anita Kroeger, originally from Winnipeg, has been based in Los Angeles for several decades. While entirely unrelated, both exhibits form around memory and have attachment to icons, Anita’s ancestors being the famous Kroeger clockmakers of Russian Mennonite lore, clocks which for many are the equivalent of Mennonite icons. Experiencing both exhibits, we invite you to journeys through time, tradition, pain, hope, suffering, family, resilience, reverence, and existing and being established legacies.

Reverence: Icons and Motorcycles by Michael Boss

Images of Icons and motorcycles have been deeply imbedded in my psyche since childhood. Eventually they rose from my subconscious to find places within the realm of my artistic expression as it has matured and become increasingly aligned with my inner workings.

A wide range of powerful, apparently contradictory, impulses have been seeded within me and sit side by side, sometimes uncomfortably provoking inner turmoil. Other times they result in positive action. They represent two sides of the same coin; knitted together like yin and yang or day and night, striking a balance between differences that alternately gain ascendancy for a time. They reflect the struggle to maintain lofty, spiritual ideals while continuing to struggle against earthly human weakness.

Both subjects - icons and motorcycles - are treated with reverence when I approach them in my art work. The icon subjects I revere for their beauty, spiritual and historical references, and the direction, desire and hope they encompass. The motorcycles I also respond to as objects of beauty and power, as they offer the possibility of transformational experiences.

Labouring to produce these images, whether based on ancient templates or contemporary photographs, also creates a space in my mind for contemplation of things to come and memories of experiences that have already occurred. Both types of imagery allow me to transcend the mundane and aspire to experience deeper, richer engagement with intense, ineffable aspects of life.

Legacy: An Exhibition by Anita Kroeger

Artist Anita Kroeger’s new exhibition Legacy will be opening on January 25, 2019 at the MHC Gallery, located at Canadian Mennonite University. Kroeger uses her art to help reconcile her family’s twin legacies of pain and courage.

Legacy explores how Kroeger processes her family’s experience of oppression, war and dislocation. Her parents fled the Soviet Union during the Second World War. They lost their home in the Ukraine and nearly everything the family had built there over generations. Kroeger’s art reflects that sense of loss, but also speaks to a legacy of resilience that helped her family rebuild their lives in Canada.

Kroeger’s exhibition features collages and acrylic paintings, as well as historical artifacts from her family’s past. Her artworks ask questions about the nature of oppression, the meaning of exile, and the ways in which the past informs the present.

Kroeger says that “Initially, these pieces were simply meant to be an outlet of my private acknowledgement of the pain and suffering experienced by my family and others in the Ukraine, the Soviet Union and ultimately throughout the world.” Now, in realization of how many have experienced similar journeys of oppression, loss and perseverance, she is sharing them with the public.

Visitors are invited to experience Legacy for themselves, and through it, consider the legacies left to them by their families and forebears.

What: Legacy: An Exhibition by Anita Kroeger & Reverence: Icons and Motorcycles by Michael Boss

When: January 25 – March 9, 2019

Where: MHC Gallery, 600 Shaftesbury Boulevard, south campus of Canadian Mennonite University

For more information, please contact: Ray Dirks, MHC Gallery curator, [email protected]; 204 487 3300, ext 346

Contact Ray Dirks
Phone 2044873300346
Email [email protected]
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MHC, 600 Shaftesbury Boulevard, south campus of Canadian Mennonite University, Winnipeg

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