Road Reports & Cancellations

Road Reports & Cancellations

A public service announcement on behalf of Southern Health-Santé Sud: 

This is to advise that imminent inclement weather and/or limited road access may cause delay or cancellations of Southern Health-Santé Sud appointments and/or scheduled events. Power outages may also affect phone and online services. We may be unable to provide notification of cancellations.
Call Ahead! Before leaving your home, please call your health care provider’s office to confirm your appointment.   
Home Care clients are encouraged to activate their backup plans with family members and friends and/or to call the “after hours” number as required.
For all emergencies, call 9-1-1.


There are no cancellations at this time

To add a cancellation to our list, contact us via one of the ways below:

CFAM Radio 950: 204-324-6464 or fill in the form


Road Reports

Please note this report is only updated when Department staff observe and report conditions. The Department does not provide 24 hour reporting of highways. Please be alert for changing conditions. Actual conditions may vary from those reported.