Schedule of the schools/classes where we will be reading

February 1st Ecole Elmwood School in Altona
February 5th Winkler Elementary School
February 7th Miami School
February 11th Minnewasta School in Morden
February 12th Manitou Elementary School
February 12th Maple Leaf School in Morden
February 14th Plum Coulee School
February 15th Gretna Elementary Schoool
February 19th J.R. Walkof School in Winkler
February 20th Parkland Elementary School - Winkler
February 21st Carman Elementary School
February 22nd Morris School
February 25th Roland Elementary School
February 26th Emerson Elementary School

Morris School Grades 1's And 2's Excited For I Love To Read Month!!

Daemon Parent visited Morris School to read to the grade 1's and 2's for I Love to Read Month and the kids couldn't help themselves when it came to joining in on the reading with Robert Munsch's…
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Carman Elementary School Loves to Read!

Pictured (not in order): Lauren Hogan, Brooklyn Nussey, Shane Pethybridge, Bella Reimer, Nash Spencer, Aspen Vanderveen, Cameron Pethybridge. I Love to Read Month continues, for one more week!…

Reading with Parkland Elementary!

The students of Parkland Elementary were treated to an I Love to Read Month surprise! Ronny Guenther and a representative from Friesen's came out to read some books to the kids. They read: Whiteout:…

Plum Coulee School

We had a wonderful time reading to the Grade 2 class at Plum Coulee School. If you took a survey of the class, you would learn that many of them find Dustin Byfuglien to be their favourite Winnipeg…

I Love To Read Month Stops In At Gretna Elementary School

I Love to Read Month continues throughout February! We’ve already read to hundreds of Grade 2 students across the Pembina Valley including classrooms at Ecole Elmwood, Winkler Elementary, Miami,…

Maple Leaf School in Morden Loves To Read!

Nicole Klassen stopped by Maple Leaf School in Morden to visit ALL the grade two classes in the school.They are a bright and well behaved bunch and to start, Nicole read them Sanji and the Baker, by…

Manitou Elementary School

We had the opportunity to visit with Mrs. Bere's Grade 2 class at Manitou Elementary School along with Shayleah from Friesens Corporation. Not only did we get to read Angela's Airplane by Robert…

Reading at Minnewasta School

Ronny Guenther got to read to a wonderful bunch of students at Minnewasta School! The grade 2 kids were very well behaved and excited for I love to read month! They got to hear 4 books read! - Sanji…

Miami School Loves to Read!

Ronny Guenther was very excited to visit the Miami School to read them a few books! He read: - Whiteouot: A Winnipeg Jets Story, by Holly Preston - Sanji and the Baker, by Robin Tzannes and Korky…

I Love To Read Month with Friesen's and Winkler Elementary School!

Daemon Parent visited Winkler Elementary School to read to grade 2's in The Pit! Friesen's was there with this years book... Whiteout! A Winnipeg Jets Story!

CFAM Visits Ecole Elmwood School in Altona

CFAM is once again partnering with our sister stations the Eagle 93.5 and Country88 for I Love to Read Month! Over the next few weeks we will be visiting schools across the Pembina Valley, along with…

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