Joleen Dilk Salyn

Jolene Dilk Salyn is a Pediatric Sleep Consultant and founder of Winnipeg based Babysleep101.  She helps families find sleep!  With the upcoming time change looming, she shares with us some tips on adjusting the family to the new sleep schedule.


Sometime it feels like time change can be this drastic!


Dealing with our youngsters adjusting to time change can make it work.  Joleen Dilk Salyn shares some tips to help your kids adjust to Daylight Saving Time changes.

1. Let the sunshine work for you.

2. Start early and shift a little each day.

3. Be flexible with your child adjusting.

4 Protect your child from sleep distractions.


Salyn also elaborated on sunlight effecting sleep as the days will start to get longer.

Have more questions?  She talks about her upcoming facebook and in-person Q&A sessions, as well as private consultations.


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