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An introduction….

Hi everyone. The fluctuating temperatures this January tease us with the feeling of spring to come. The days of melting snow and warm sun on our faces remind us quickly of the next season ahead--- gardening! Those days inspire us to reflect on the past season in our gardens and guide us to dream of the potential of what can be accomplished this year. Ahhhh, planning to garden! For me gardening comes quicker being in the greenhouse; planning on next month’s production and anticipating the time when hands meet soil again. Soon, we will all start by setting seeds and getting started. From experienced gardeners to those stepping into the gardening… we will grow along together.

The gardening world is huge; stories to share; experiences to relate. I look forward to gardening with you this year.


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Lawn and Garden Host

Carla Hrycyna from St. Mary’s Nursery and Garden Centre in Winnipeg is the new host of the Lawn and Garden Journal.

With more than 22 years experience in the greenhouse industry, and a natural flair for growing plants and landscaping, Carla is ready to answer your questions about everything from maples to mushrooms and grass to gardenias.

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