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Weather plays a factor in our lives in so many ways. We reflect on the weather; we try to guess the weather, and we look forward to the beauty of weather. For a gardener or grower, the weather has the biggest influence on what we grow, how our plants develop, grow and survive.


Even in the midst of March weather on the Prairies can play havoc with heavy, moist snow falls and freezing rain. Damage may occur on our trees and shrubs. Ice buildup and weight from the moist snow can cause breakage of large limbs of trees; cause younger selections of trees and shrubs to bend.


We have recently witnessed the beauty of heavy snow on our landscape. Take note of the damage for any spring treatments; if required. March is sometimes the month for the beauty of hoar frost. is your only local source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.

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Carla Hrycyna from St. Mary’s Nursery and Garden Centre in Winnipeg is the new host of the Lawn and Garden Journal.

With more than 22 years experience in the greenhouse industry, and a natural flair for growing plants and landscaping, Carla is ready to answer your questions about everything from maples to mushrooms and grass to gardenias.

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