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A new by-law in Morden would add fines to help reduce the amount of compost and recycling going to the landfill.

Fines include $150 for placing material into a container not marked for that type of waste, and $150 for placing waste in a container without a functioning lid.

Placing Household Hazardous Waste material in any container not marked for that purpose comes with a hefty $450 fine.

"We don't want to be heavy-handed about this, but we want everyone to comply," said Morden Mayor Ken Wiebe.

The by-law is expected to come into effect January 1, 2018. Meanwhile building and construction sites, as well as all commercial businesses, will have an additional year (January 2019) to comply. The by-law recently received first reading.

"It's all part of our plan that we started two years ago," Wiebe said.

In 2015, Council implemented a three-tiered garbage pick-up system and provided garbage, compost and recycling bins to residents.

Residents who use an alternative waste removal service are still required to follow the same guidelines, such as waste, compost, and recycling must be stored on the curb in a lidded container.

"The bins that have been used till now by many people are really subject to 'wind erosion' you may call it," said Wiebe. "If the wind comes by and you have your recyclables in a loose box they tend to escape and go with the wind."

Wiebe explained the fines are a way to encourage the public to use the correct bins. However, he added fining people won't be the first step.

"There's a difference between we are going to do it and we have the ability to do it," said Wiebe. "We would give you ample warning before that ever happened."

The city recently created a helpful online game to educate the public on the different waste streams. Play it here: http://www.mordenmb.com/

gameAn educational game to learn the three-tiered waste system can be played at the City of Morden website

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