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Police are taking the fight against impaired driving one step further. 

RCMP Media Relations Officer Tara Seel explains officers currently need to have the suspicion that a driver has alcohol in their system to implement a breathalyzer test but she adds that is changing.

"Under these changes, which come into effect on December 18 of this year, provided the officer has the alcohol screening device (ASD) with him or her roadside, suspicion is no longer required to implement that test," Seel says.

She notes impaired driving is the leading cause of road fatalities in Manitoba and adds anything they can do to deter people from drinking and driving, it’s a positive.

"There has been a lot of research done on this in other jurisdictions and there have been significant reductions in fatal collisions once this was implemented," says Seel. She notes this is part of Bill C-46 which is reforms to the provisions of the Criminal Code.

"Again, I think the deterrent of knowing that you could be given an ASD at any time, definitely helps people make better choices."

Seel says on their end, it helps eliminate the need for suspicion and ultimately helps keep the roads safe especially as we head into the holiday season. She adds their annual holiday check-stop program will be starting up in early December. Seel also encourages people to utilize the Operation Red Nose service which starts up in the southeast on Friday night. 

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