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everetthiebert january ssomEverett Hiebert - January Sports Star of the month laces up the skates for the Hockey Skills Academy in Altona

The Time Out Sports, Sports Star of the Month for January is going to Everett Hiebert for his commitment to being a trainer with the W.C. Miller Aces in Altona. Everett has a severe visual impairment, but doesn't let that stop him from doing the things he loves.

"I love watching hockey and being dedicated to the game," said Everett.

From getting the teams jersey's ready for the game, filling water bottles, prepping sticks, and so much more Everett is the go to man for the Aces and wouldn't have it any other way. He also helps motivate the players with a little pre-game speech every now and then. 

"You gotta be hungry for the puck. You can't let the puck sit in the middle of the ice or else the other team is going to get it. When you are in front of the net you have to keep your stick moving. You can't let them have the puck, you have to pretty much play keep away," said Everett when asked for a pre-game message.

Everett's mother, Charlene, is very proud of her son, and happy to see his positive attitude, determination, and commitment to the team get recognized. 

"I truly believe he deserves this. He is totally dedicated to his position as Aces' trainer. He takes it pretty serious," said Charlen. "He would like to be at the rink three hours before the game, but I tell him that's a little to early. Filling water bottles, getting the guys sticks ready, or what ever other jobs he's given. He's ready and willing to take it on and is ready to go.'

Not only is Evertt the trainer for the Aces high school hockey team in Altona, but he also laces up the skates during the local Hockey Skills Academy.

"It's nice. I enjoy playing hockey so it's nice. It doesn't work the same as everyone else, but it works for me and that's all I care about," said Everett.

"It's an inspiration as a mother. We all have our days when we feel sorry for ourselves, for smaller things, that we feel are big," added Charlene. "Then I look at Everett, standing there watching his team, knowing full well that he can't really see what's going on out there. That doesn't turn him away, he's always willing and ready."

Also at this time the Hiebert family is raising money for a pair of glasses for Everett. He has tried these glasses on before, and greatly improved his vision and even allowed him to watch a hockey game on a computer screen. These glasses are expensive, but in the end would greatly improve Everett's quality of life and allow him to see more of the game he loves, Hockey.


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