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junesportsstarofthemonth 2016 1Photo submitted by Spencer Norrie

This month's Time Out Sports', Sports Star Of The Month goes to Cailin Enns of Morden for her dedication to the sport of Soccer, and along the way maintaining her school grades.

"I'm very excited about it," said Enns. "There's not always a time where soccer players get honoured necessarily over the other sports in our town. Hockey is the main priority here. I love hockey and that's great, but it's neat to be a soccer star."

Enns plays on the Morden Thunder high school soccer team and is a mid-fielder for the U17 Morris girls team. She is also practicing with the South Central Hurricanes team in her spare time.

"I enjoy soccer because I found that it is an outlet. I find that I like to succeed in things that I enjoy. I found that I love the sport and everything that came along with it. All of the hard work. I like to be able to set goals and achieve them, it feels great, I like to met new people. It's been really enjoyable."

Nominator Spencer Norrie said, "she is dominating the field and controlling the game with her calmness with the ball and the way she can change the games pace. He added her quick footwork fools defenders while her lightning speed is something to look out for."

After a tough shoulder separation last season Enns is back on the field and working hard to help her team win. She has three goals and nine assists in only six games.

According to Enns she mainly plays Soccer for fun, but wouldn't turn down an opportunity to play at a post secondary school. She also is maintaining a school average in the 90's.

"I always find that the two always come together," explained Enns. "So, if I am stressed with school work my idea is soccer and I am going to kick a ball around. For school it's mainly because of my teachers, family and everyone in my life is very supportive of the balance. Even my boss at work, she's always trying to get me to be able to do both, and support me in my studying. I find that really encourages me to do well in both."

Enns noted she will be using her $50 Time Out Sports gift card to probably purchase a new soccer ball, as her current one is pretty worn out.

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