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The Sports Star of the Month will receive a $50 gift card to
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september billandkamden 2016

The Time Out Sports Star Of The Month for September is Bill Fehr of Winkler for his sportsmanship on the field with the Winkler Whips and always having the time to help teach people in the community the game of baseball.

"I am very humbled that she would nominate me. I am very thrilled. I like to pass on what ever knowledge I can to my children to make them become better ball players as well. Just being a good team mate in general as well," said Bill.

Bill was nominated by his twelve year old daughter Kamden Fehr, who had nothing but amazing things to say about her father.

"I am really happy for him and I am really glad that I nominated him. I think it's really awesome that he was chosen," said Kamden.

Kamden broke the news to Bill over a text, that he had been nominated and that she was hoping he would be selected.

"I was a little surprised, but not so much at the same time. She (Kamden) texted me from my wife's phone and said 'I have something important to tell you', I didn't think it would be this, but I thought it would be something related to sports," said Bill.

Kamden noted that her dad always has time to help her out with her batting stance, teaching her how to position her glove when catching a fly ball, or anything she needs help with.

"He is really loving and nice. He does lots of stuff for us and is really encouraging and he's an awesome dad," she added.

You could really tell that she looks up to her father quitea bit and really idolizes him for all of his hard work, so much that she plays short stop just like he does.

"It's nice to see your kids want to take after you and do the things that you do," said Bill. "It's definitely special."

As for his $50 gift card to Time Out Sports in Winkler, Bill will most likely purchase something for baseball.

Below is the nomination submission by Kamden;

I want to nominate my Dad, Bill Fehr, because he is an amazing baseball player and coach. He shows great sportsmanship whether they win or lose. He is always cheering on and encouraging his teammates, and puts forth full effort all game, every game. He gives out great advice and is always watching the plays while figuring out what to do next. I love watching him play and the good example he is. He has coached his kids baseball for many years. He has always seen the best in everyone and helps them with their next steps. I love playing backyard baseball with my dad, he helps me with my batting stance and how to hold my glove when I'm catching a pop fly. My dad is a hard worker and he is always caring for his family. I'm very glad that my dad had the opportunity to be a part of starting the Winkler Whips hardball team this year and that they've been having a great season.


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