The Garden Valley School Division (GVSD) and Winkler Police Service have offered additional details regarding a threatening message discovered Thursday at Emerado School in Winkler.
In a statement submitted to PembinaValleyOnline, Superintendent Dan Ward explained the message was included in some graffiti, found on a wall by school officials, who immediately called police.

While the threat did not mention any individuals or groups, it did indicate a specific timeframe that evening. Out of what the Division says was an abundance of caution, evening events at the school were cancelled. 

An investigation by school officials and police revealed the student responsible for the threatening message. 

According to the Winkler Police Service, officers spoke with the student and their parents, and confirmed that the threat was a hoax and that there was no actual danger to students, staff or the public. Officers also cautioned the youth. 

Garden Valley School Division officials say they are following up with the family appropriately.