2024 will be an exciting year for residents of Sunrise Corner according to Martin Van Osch, Chief Executive Officer for the Rural Municipality of Piney.

Beginning with the addition of more electric vehicle charging stations in the RM. Van Osch says their grant application to the Federal Government went out before Christmas and now,

“We hope to see a full rollout of charging stations throughout the southeast corner of Manitoba. So, we are looking at PR 210 and PTH 12 as transportation corridors with Buffalo Point as the destination location. So, these stations will include level 3 rapid chargers as well as, a number of level 2 chargers.”

“So, this grant application would see hydro upgrades to a number of community locations, including connectivity upgrades. We have applied to receive a number of vehicles, including the charging station that go with them. All in all, it is a very ambitious application which amounts to a total of over $5 million for the region.”


He notes, though they have not secured the funding, they remain optimistic given the recent announcement of the transitioning of the internal combustion engine to other alternatives by 2035.

“We've put a significant amount of work towards it. I can't under value the $5,000,000 investment to the region. It will be a game changer for this region.”

Van Osch adds, the Buffalo Point Piney (BPP) Rent and Ride Transit Initiative, which includes the larger Southeast Regional Transportation Initiative is looking forward to adding to their fleet.

The transportation project did receive a hybrid van at the end of 2023, and they are now waiting for their second vehicle in the fleet, a fully accessible van. This one however, will not be a hybrid simply because of its size.

“But it will be able to accommodate wheelchairs and those with mobility challenges. We have a vehicle in mind and we’re working through the details in the purchase of that vehicle.”

Van Osch adds, “So, we've got a lot of exciting things that are happening with regards to transit locally and regionally, and it's all about moving ourselves forward to how the whole transportation industry is going to change.”

The C.A.O. continues with more exciting news for 2024 and the opening of phase 2 in their Sandilands subdivision.

“So, the growth for our region is what we expected and hoped to see. I mean, we always want more growth, that would be a good thing, but we're happy with where we are, and we continue to see growth and that is a very positive thing for our region.”

Monique Chenier, Sunrise Corner notes they are looking forward to working with the new provincial government.

“I think there's some new opportunities we'll be able to look at from that perspective, so we’ll see how that all plays out this year.” 

Chenier explains Sunrise Corner’s new economic development website.

“It will showcase the opportunities, benefits and ease of doing business in Sunrise Corner, both in the RM’s of Piney and Stuartburn. We have a continued focus on creating new housing options in the region with various incentives and programs to attract developers that we'll launch over the next year.”

Chenier says they have also applied for Housing Accelerator Funding through CMHC for the RM of Piney.

"We look forward to hearing back on that initiative. If we get it, that would be a significant investment and opportunity for the RM. We've got a lot of things on the go and the future looks positive for the RM of Piney and Sunrise Corner. With the partnerships that we've established, we've created an environment of stability for the people that live out here, and I think that's a real positive aspect to see when there are so many challenges worldwide and we really, really are fortunate to live in such a great place.”