Legislation will take effect this November to formalize the requirement for all Manitoba school divisions to establish policies which protect students who have life threatening allergies.


Education Minister Peter Bjornson says the unified referral intake system is a joint effort by several government agencies to ensure every division establishes protocols to identify and address children with serious allergies, and to train school personnel to handle any medical situations which might arise.

Bjornson notes it began in 2002, and since 2004, it's been school division practice to have a policy in place.

He knows from his own experience as a teacher school staff regularly discuss individual students' health needs, and what's necessary to address them if the child is in medical distress.

Bjornson says some of the professional development sessions include training teachers and other personnel to identify symptoms.

He notes coming into contact with allergens can be a life and death issue for some kids, so this legislation is an important and necessary step.


~ Wednesday, September 30th 2009 ~