Bring your lawn chairs, a blanket, and a friend to the Altona Gospel Festival (AGF) this Saturday afternoon and evening to the Altona Centennial Park. 

Committee chair, Ernie Buhler, said there is no admission cost. 

"We're going to do several offerings. There is no admission, anybody can come. Make sure you bring your lawn chair and/or a blanket, it's your call but there is no cost. Net proceeds, after expenses, are going to Youth for Christ in Altona. We wanted something that was neutral, not one church or the other church. Sort of neat, we have a total of four people attending four different churches that are coming together on our committee, that's a good thing." 

Buhler shared the lineup of local musicians lined up for the afternoon.  

"At 1:00 we have a group called 'Old Friends', at 2:00 is the Peters family, at 3:00 is the Glory Bound Quartet, and 4:00 is the Martens Brothers, 5:00 we're expecting the Glen Cross Quartet and at 6:00 the Martin Elias Family. And then, at 7:00 is our headliner, the Quonset Brothers." 

Buhler said the YFC food truck will be there serving food, as well as Ang's Eats will be selling pizza at the Altona Aquatic Centre.  

Buhler chuckled, they've prayed the rain will stay away, so there's no need to bring an umbrella. 

Written with files from Zack Driedger

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