A local young woman and her parents have been given a crash course in internet safety by members of the Altona Police Service.
On January 3rd, the department got a call from INTERPOL, The International Criminal Police Organization, indicating that a child pornography investigation was underway in Europe and there were concerns for the safety of a female youth here in Southern Manitoba.
Officers conducted a well-being check on the young lady, who was found to be safe, and briefed her and her parents about online/social media safety.

Meantime, the Altona Police Service says its members remain quite concerned after a local woman contacted the office believing someone had placed an air tag on her vehicle.
Officers checked out the woman's vehicle and confirmed her suspicions. 

Police still don't know the source of the air tag and continue to investigate.
The department says its members haven't encountered this type of situation before and they are concerned, noting persons unknown had the ability to track the movements of the woman without her knowledge.