The Town of Altona is urging caution after a coyote was spotted in town last night. According to a social media post, law enforcement and conservation officials have been notified. 
Additionally, the Town has listed a number of ways you can protect your property and your pets.

Avoid attracting coyotes to your yard: keep pet food indoors and ensure that food waste is inside your closed compost bin or otherwise contained. Reduce areas for coyotes to shelter in your yard by blocking off spaces under porches, decks and sheds if possible, or consider adding motion sensor lights.

Keep your pet safe: do not leave small dogs or cats unattended. Keep your dogs or cats inside at night and keep your dog on-leash while walking. When you walk at night, carry a flashlight. If you’d like to have your dog off-leash, please using the fenced off-leash dog park area north of the MEC for now instead of the Buffalo Creek Nature Park off leash area. Also be sure to clean up after your dog in your yard and around the community – coyotes are attracted to dog feces. Never let your pet chase a coyote, as it could result in injury to your pet.

Avoid conflicts: Coyotes are usually wary of humans and avoid people whenever possible. They are wild animals and should not be approached – never feed a coyote or attempt to “tame” them. Feeding coyotes makes them less fearful of humans and habituates them to foods provided by humans. If you see a coyote, keep your distance and the animal will most likely avoid you.

If you encounter an aggressive coyote: Do not approach or touch the coyote. Do not turn your back on or run from the coyote – instead, back away while remaining calm, stand tall, wave your hands and make lots of noise.