Rhineland Area Food Bank is planning a spring food drive to stock its shelves.

Richard Bage, pastor of the South Park Mennonite Brethern Church in Altona, says they are working to meet the needs of a growing clientele.

"They are now serving more food to more people than they were a few years back, so that obviously puts a strain on their resources and wanting to make sure that they're able to serve everybody that comes to their doors and to serve them well. We figured, you know what? Maybe we need to do a second drive, another opportunity throughout the year to to support the Food Bank and the great work that they're doing in Altona."

During last year's spring drive, Bage says they realized many people were not home. They've found a way to keep that from happening again.

"Turns out on spring evenings people love to go for walks, baseball, softball, watch their kids play soccer, out with the grandkids. And so just to make things a lot easier, to not have teams knocking on doors where there's nobody home, what we're asking is to get your donations together, put a bag out on your front door. Teams will come by between 7:00 and 9:00 pm, will pick up the items off your doorstep. So again, nobody's going to be actually knocking on your door."

Food donations placed outside front doors of homes on Monday, May 8th will be collected by youth groups from local churches and Youth for Christ. 

Monetary donations to the Rhineland Area Food Bank will be accepted as well.

- With files from Ronny Guenther -