CFAM Morning Show Co-Host Chris Sumner and first time author Amanda Legault in studio.

A Plum Coulee woman has put her survival story in writing.

Amanda Legault's book, titled In My Wake, is due to hit store shelves in March. It describes the April 22, 2009 accident in which the vehicle Amanda was driving t-boned a potato truck at 100 km/H, at the intersection of Highways 201 and 306 west of Altona. It took emergency crews one-and-a-half hours to extract her from the vehicle, and then in just eleven minutes she was flown to a Winnipeg hospital by STARS Air Ambulance, which wasn't a permanent fixture in the province at the time but was in Manitoba to assist with severe flooding.

"I remember nothing after (the accident) because I was immediately unconscious but my first thoughts after waking up, which was a few weeks later, was that I was dreaming a very vivid (and) ridiculous nightmare that wouldn't end."

Legault adds before the accident her life had strayed from God but says however, it's a story with a redeeming ending that needs to be shared and notes this series of events led her back to Him.

"When I started to remember tiny parts of myself they were mostly...really depressing, really crazy things. All I could remember about myself was things that I hated, but then kind of at it's height that's when Jesus met me where I was and he kind of took me through it from there."

It wasn't until about three weeks after the accident that Legault says she spoke again. She explains her pastor visited quite often and read her Bible passages, and while she doesn't remember saying it, Legault says she's been told her first words were "Jesus, Jesus, love Jesus."

"You know, the Holy Spirit knows the utterings of your heart and the first things that came out of my mouth were words that I didn't even realize I was saying. God is there, He is everything all the time, it doesn't matter where you are or what you're doing, what you're thinking, He is there."

Legault adds every day of the recovery process was the worst day of her life, noting the pain wasn't just physical but she was traumatized as well. However, she says she knew she needed to try for her eighteen month old daughter and fiance.

"Even though I didn't know anything else, I knew them and I knew that I needed to try for them."

Although she was convinced that the whole thing was bad dream, Legault says she felt a nudge to keep on going and explains that was God working within her. "I see that now."

When asked about what she'd like readers to get from the book, Legault hopes people will be curious about the God that healed her and let him into their lives as well.

"The reason that we exist, I believe, is to love God and to be loved by God and to spread that, to tell people that. That is the whole point of any kind of trauma, God has a greater purpose for everything and if we let him, he will take that turn it into something beautiful, even if we don't recognize it."

In My Wake will be available for purchase at the Bible Book Shop in Winkler, CO-OP locations in Winkler and Morden and The Olive Tree in Morden. It will also be available online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Chapters Indigo and Great Canadian EBook versions will be found at Kindle, Kobo E-Reader, Apple Reader and Adobe Glass Book.