This morning we took a trip back in time to May 2022, when we announced Elsie Thiessen of Altona as the winner of a flight for two anywhere in Canada as part of our CFAM Radio 950 65th Anniversary contest. Yesterday, Elsie, and her husband Dan, stopped by the studio to pick up their tickets, because it was finally time for the couple to enjoy their prize.

"We're flying into Halifax on Friday morning, and then on Saturday we're taking Fehrway Tours up to Newfoundland," shared Elsie who noted the tour will also include Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. "This was always on our bucket list we'd like to do, and when we heard we won this flight to Halifax, it was our decision to do that."

Elsie says they are really looking forward to visiting Lunenberg, Nova Scotia, as well as seeing the scenery across the east coast which is quite a bit different than here at home in the Pembina Valley.

And what was the reaction from their family and friends when they found out they won?

"They said 'That's great' and couldn't believe it. They'd wished it was them."

But this time Elsie and Dan, it's you! Bon Voyage, as they say! 

Elsie wanted us to say a big thank you to Lois Hildebrand for looking after the travel arrangements.

And, yes, we’ve already asked Elise and Dan to let us know when they get back, so we can hear how the trip went, and have a look at the pictures they took.

You can listen to CFAM Radio 950 Morning Show Co-Host Chris Sumner's conversation with Elsie, below.

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