Valerie Harder, formerly a part of the Winkler Horticulture Society, had a vital role in constructing the butterfly garden in the Winkler Arts & Culture Garden in 2017. Harder encourages us to attract monarch butterflies in our own yards, explaining that it’s not very complicated. 

“If you're planting wildflowers, and if you're OK with a natural looking part of your garden, it's an easy project. Sometimes we think it has to be a huge garden, but it doesn't need to be. We can just have a few host plants and a few nectar plants, and it can be a very inviting place for the monarchs to come.” 

Harder suggests plants such as milkweed, zinnia, asters and lilac, to name a few. 

In 2021, due to multiple circumstances, the butterfly garden that originated at Winkler Arts and Culture, was moved to the Discovery Nature Sanctuary, located in the industrial area of Winkler. 

"Although the stone and metal (butterfly) structure stayed at the garden, the plants have been moved to the Discovery Nature Sanctuary.” 

Harder tells us that the Discovery Nature Sanctuary has an empty field where the City of Winkler is reconstructing natural prairie grasses. The plants from the butterfly garden will be found there, within the pollinator garden. You’ll find this area to the right, after crossing the bridge, on the north path. 

Harder spoke about the sanctuary with fondness stating, “We go there often”.