Transforming your vision into reality with exceptional design, quality materials and uncompromising craftsmanship was the passion of Glenberg Homes & Design in Winkler. Established in 2004 by the husband and wife duo Sam and Trish Berg, the business recently unveiled a new name, Glenberg Design Builders, which is reflective of the changing needs of the community.  

"The intention is to still continue with the design portion of our business, but to help people understand a little bit better we're not just home designers, or just home builders, but we'll design and build your residential and commercial properties," said Co-Owner and General Manager Sam Berg.

There are many things to consider when creating new spaces, and Glenberg Design Builders provides you, and your project, the expertise and support to take all of those into account including planning, design and execution. The team of four, including a full-time project manager and full-time designer, are ready to work with you to bring that dream to reality.

"When we started, our goal was to bring unique, creative product to the Winkler landscape," explained Berg. "It was a hole that we saw. We thought we needed some more creativity and design. We were really thrilled to get into that at that time, and I would say we're still really excited to be here. I think, Trish, my wife, is even more excited about being in business now than she's ever been before. She's seeing the potential."

Glenberg Design Builders creates unique, quality commercial and residential spaces that provide excellent value for the investment. Each project the business takes on is another opportunity to deliver on that promise, and also see Glenberg Design Builders grow even further.

"What we're seeing is in our community affordable housing has been the buzzword for quite a few years, and with a lot of people moving to the community, there's a big demand for rental properties," said Berg when asked about the residential and commercial trends in the area. "There are people in the community already here that are willing to help out with that, and are willing to create these buildings, but they need help with finding the land, figuring out how to develop it, going through all the red tape to get that going and to put up the buildings. That's something we've been trying to help the community with."

And regarding design trends, what is Glenberg Design Builders seeing?

"I think a lot of our projects tend to be classic in appearance," shared Sam. "We tend to go with traditional kind of style looking buildings. There seems to be a certain nostalgia about that, especially if you're going to do an infill project. If you're going to do it where there are other older buildings around it, it's nice to try to fit in with that, and be sensitive to what's going on there. We have also worked on some rather modern designs, industrial type looking buildings where they're warranted, so we can switch it, no problem."

Some of the company's most recognizable recent builds include the new Morden McDonald's location, located on the west side of the city, as well as a 20-suite apartment building at 375 Thornhill in Morden.

"Way back in past, Dairy Queen in Winkler, we redid that many years ago," said Berg. "That was kind of a starting project for commercial work for us, and after that we did many other DQ's like it."

Returning to the present, Glenberg Design Builders has a nine-plex project underway in Winkler at 115 Main Street, a very visible location in the city.

"That's going to be a very cute little building in an infill project that's going to look very date appropriate," he said with a smile.

Professional and courteous service is what Glenberg Design Builders prides itself in, and the team strives to make every client's experience as effortless and enjoyable as possible.

You can learn more about Glenberg Design Builders on their website:, or by calling them at 204-325-0004. You can also visit the office at 1645 Diamond Drive in Winkler, and find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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