A life-long resident of the area is looking to be the new MLA for Morden-Winkler. Carrie Hiebert has announced she is seeking the PC Party of Manitoba's nomination for the constituency.
Having been involved in local politics for the past 12 years, Hiebert, along with the support of her family, says the time is right for her to take the next step.

"I'm really excited to step into this role and represent my community - I love my community. This has been a place where I have raised my family. We have thrived, we have been blessed by this community unbelievably and for me, this is just a way for me to give back. I just feel like I have a lot to offer and a lot to give," said Hiebert.

Her political experience includes working as Constituency Assistant and office manager at the Morden office of former Portage-Lisgar MP Candice Bergen, working for MLA Cameron Friesen in his local office in Morden for several years, and serving on the local boards for both the MP and MLA for a total of 11 years, as well as assisting with campaigns at both the provincial and federal levels.

As well, Hiebert has been an active member of the community and has contributed to many organizations through volunteerism and her working career. She says she feels a deep connection to the people that make her community great and would like the opportunity to represent them.

"I'm looking forward to representing my community and doing my best job," she said. "I want to be available. I will be available as much as possible to meet and just be in my community and support all of the different organizations, groups, businesses, medical staff. Everybody." 

"I want to give back," added Hiebert. "I want to use the skills I have to better my community, to help it to prosper and grow. I want to help problem solve all of the different issues that are happening in our province and in Morden-Winkler constituency. I have a wide range of experience and I feel it will benefit and be an asset."

When it comes to the issues affecting the people of Morden-Winkler, Hiebert feels there are several at the forefront. The first being healthcare, including the recruitment and retention of doctors and other staff. 

"I had the opportunity to ask a local physician about his concerns, and this was at the top of his list," explained Hiebert. "We are excited to have boundary Trails Health Center expanding and offering more services to our local community, but we need the staff to fill the open positions."

Coming in close second on Hiebert's list is mental health, particularly coming down from the pandemic. 

“I think that we've done a lot in the last few years, the provincial government, to address mental health and we have increased funding and increased positions, but I think we still have more work to do in that area. Especially in Morden-Winkler. We need more counselors. We need more resources. I think that's something that we can always increase, and that's something I want to address.” 

Hiebert says she is committed to putting in the time and working with various groups to find solutions to these challenges and others, such as ensuring as many people as possible have access to a family doctor and the best medical care possible. She says everyone benefits from a healthy, balanced community.  

“As we attract medical staff, they bring their families who tell others and they come as well. They will also need jobs. The residual effect spills over to other businesses and industry and helps our community grow in all the areas that it needs to."

The ongoing labour shortage is another challenge Hiebert, who is also a local business owner, would like to meet head-on if elected. 

"I want to meet with local businesses and industry leaders to find solutions and find new ways to bring in more skilled labor, as well as employees to fill entry level jobs. I know firsthand how difficult it is to find staff. I have hired several new employees in the last months and I am appreciative of the amazing staff that I have, but not everyone is that fortunate."

Hiebert adds, housing is also something that needs to be discussed as the community grows and flourishes. 

"I am committed. I am committed to representing Morden-Winkler in the Legislature and advocating for my constituents. I'm excited for the opportunity to do this for my community. I want to be available whenever possible. I love my community."