Anita Wiebe, the Executive Director of Central Station Community Centre in Winkler, says they continue to work on some new projects, and are working with different levels of government, to ensure they can put funding in place for more affordable housing units in the city.

Anita Wiebe says Central Community Homes, a separate board run organization which Central Station partners with regularly, operates ninety affordable housing units, and there is a zero percent vacancy rate in those units. 
In addition to that, they have over 180 families on their waitlist. 

"It's one of those things we sometimes wonder, are we ever going to get anywhere with it? But again, it's the whole mentality of we have to start somewhere, so we're doing what we can." She says they'll continue to advocate locally, provincially, and federally, to make sure they can start responding to the ever-growing need.

Wiebe says this community has been incredible at thinking outside the box and finding "made in Winkler solutions," and they want to do the same with addressing this need.

Central Station is also getting ready to launch a poverty reduction strategy with plans to release details on that soon.